Nero 8.10.316

Nero 8.1 Create, copy, edit and burn audio and video CD, DVD, HD DVD
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Nero 8.1 Allows to compile and burn all kinds of folders and files.
Data CD, Data DVD, HD DVD (if the computer has this devide installed), Data disc Blue-ray (if installed), SecurDisc Data CD (if this unit is present at the computer), SecurDisc Data DVD (in present)

It allows to burn and compile audio files and audiobook in any file format:

Audio CD, rCD Audiobook, Audio CD Jukebox, Audio DVD Jukebox, HD DVD Jukebox, Bluray Disc Jukebox (if present at the computer)

It also allows compile and burn video files, image files or both as VCD/SVCD or DVD. Video CD, Supervideo CD, DVD video files.

Copy complete discs and load picture file from any saved project: CD disc, DVD disc, image disc or saved project to copy, complete HD DVD, complete Blu-ray disc (if their units are present in the system).

If the system has a LabelFlash™ burner installed, it can be selected and create or print DVD LabelFlash™ labels with Nero Express by acting on the corresponding "Burn" icon.

If there is a LightScribe® burner installed in the system, it can be selected and create or print CD/DVD LightScribe® labels with Nero Express.

With a Blu-ray installed on the computer you can use Nero Express for creating and burn Blu-ray from Nero Express. There are options shown at the initial windows under the Blu-ray label. Same with HD DVD if there's a unit installed in the system, for both data and video.

If any SecurDisc installed in the PC, it also can be selected for creating and burning Data CD or DVD SecurDisv from Nero Express. The corresponding options appear at the initial window as well.

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  • It handles all kind of audio and video files and copy or compile complete selections or discs. Prints labels and more


  • Probably is a too big application for home users (near 190 Mb compressed). The help files are not included in the download files (they are up in the Nero main page)
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